How Not To Fall In Love: Preface And Chapter 1


In this world, where getting laid is easier than getting a forehead kiss, Dan and Lily go through a beautiful, beautiful journey of, what should I call it? They didn’t say “I love you” once or a thousand times, they didn’t go out on a romantic date, neither did they hug tight or kiss their lips locked, but they loved each other more passionately than those who did. They came way more closer, and touched each other’s soul. They didn’t see each other physically naked, but they were always caught naked emotionally by the other, even when they didn’t want to.

But love is as much spiritual as it is physical, right? Then how the hell is this an love story?

Well, let me tell you, this isn’t a love story, this is a story about love.


Chapter 1

Today is Dan’s first day in college, and he is as excited as any other teenager on his first day of college. In case you don’t know, Dan’s a sporty, lean, muscular guy with a cute face who always has a big smile on. He’s happy-go-lucky, uses curse words all the time and, as you might be guessing by now, yes he is also a ladies man. He might not be the most studious one, but he is certainly the most intelligent one in his college.

At least, that’s how everyone knows Dan. Actually, he has another version of himself that he always tries to hide from this cruel, rough world. That’s his childish side. We all grow up selfish and unkind, because that’s what practical and successful people do. But when we were child, we were helpful, kind, and sensitive. Dan, even being a grown up adult, hasn’t let go of these qualities. He just pretends to be what the society expects from a ‘man’. Deep inside Dan is still a child. That child is lonely, as if he is locked in a cage, who isn’t allowed to come out and see this world. That’s why, even though Dan smiles all day, is not really happy inside.

Anyway, Dan, with his flamboyant yet friendly attitude, easily became the one with the spotlight on the very first day. His sharp intelligence impressed even the strictest professors, he made a lot of new friends, and went on to the college canteen to have some snacks and chat with them before the next class begins.

The professor of the next class was a friendly one. He cared to ask about each of their names and their hometowns. Dan was not really focusing on others’ answers, as much as his focus was on the prof’s receding hairline and unusual accent. As he was trying more and more to understand the professor’s accent, a cute girl got up and told, in her sweet sparkling voice, “My name’s Lily, and I’m from Melli”

Dan was also from the town of Melli. He questioned himself, “How the fuck does such a beautiful girl live in my hometown and I haven’t even seen her before!?” Dan started daydreaming about what could’ve happened by now if they met earlier, but was quick enough to reposition his mind, ” I’m studying physics, daydreaming about a random girl won’t get me the grade “, Dan reminded himself. Though, Dan couldn’t ignore the fact that there’s something about the girl which he liked a lot, but couldn’t exactly tell himself what.

Soon after that, college hours were over. Dan came back home, ate his tiffin, studied what was taught by the profs, and started to do some maths. But he got stuck doing them. Something was lingering in the back of his mind. Something, that didn’t let him concentrate. Dan thought,” maybe it’s time to take a break “. He opened up Facebook and, without consciously thinking about anything, he typed Lily in the search bar.

End of Chapter One.

To be continued..

© Soumyadeb Chakraborty


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