How Not To Fall In Love: Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Lily wasted no time to accept Dan’s friend request. They chatted on and on trying to know about each other, until Lily came to know that Dan also belongs from her hometown, Melli. She seemed to be super happy, and to Dan’s much surprise, proposed Dan that they can go to the college together from the next day. Dan was obviously excited about the proposal, but he tried to hide his excitement. Dan just texted a quick “okay” before going offline, and began to procrastinate about tomorrow morning when he’ll meet Lily.

The next day, Dan put on his favorite black shirt, his ‘manliest’ fragrance, styled his hair with a bit more attention and went on to the train station, where he was supposed to meet Lily. They meet and greet each other and, talked about random stuffs to avoid the awkward silence. Randomly, out of nowhere, Dan asked Lily,

“Why you didn’t go for nursing? A lot of my female friends did.”

Dan purposely said “a lot of my female friends”, just to make Lily a bit jealous.

But that didn’t make Lily go heads over hills. She replied with a poker face,”I can’t see blood with my own eyes, it startles me a lot”

Now, you need to know that Dan’s a very good guy, and no one respects women more than him. But still, he’s just 18 years old. For a split second, Dan thought to himself, “how does she deals with her menstruation?” He quickly tried to change the topic, only to look back at Lily’s eyes and knowing that Lily has read his thoughts.

Though Dan was successful to change the topic,he still wished he could just evaporate and never come back.

Eyes are of no use if the mind is blind. We all can see and judge any person by their looks, but it takes something else to read people’s mind. Here, not only Lily reads Dan’s thoughts, but Dan does that too. For that fraction of a second they were caught up in each other’s thoughts, they were able to see each other emotionally naked. They were yet to touch each other, still they were closer, more than a soul is to the body.

End of Chapter 2.

To be continued..

© Soumyadeb Chakraborty



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