How Not To Fall In Love: Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Dan, may however daring he seem, hadn’t bunked a class yet, neither in school nor in college. He had never smoked, or drank alcohols. He never danced in the rain, or drove his bike at 80mph over a highway. On the other hand, Lily was a pro in bunking, smoked, drank a few shots, and had danced almost every time rain has blessed the earth. She was more daring between the two of them, and Lily thought to welcome Dan in his gang.

While smoking or drinking was still a no-no for Dan, bunking classes was something he always wanted to do. They decided to bunk the next day of college and go to the nearby lake. They chatted all day long, laughed, bitched about the Prof they hated and, ate their favorite snacks enjoying the sunset together. They had built a bond by then.

While coming back, Dan asked her the question every single guy has asked the girl they liked.

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

“Yes” she replied. “And you?”

She asked about Dan’s relationship just out of formality. She already knew by his reaction that he’s single.

“Well.. I had a break up.. recently…” Dan fumbled.

Dan was devastated by the fact that she had a boyfriend. He had no clue about it.

“Well, he’s my best friend for 14 years.. and we’re in a relationship for 2 and a half…” Lily added on.

Dan barely listened to her. He knew he created a connection with her and he must be rude to her and himself to break that connection, or he’d fuck up real time. He started to behave with Lily as he’d with any other girl.

Lily’s boyfriend, Sunny, was everything a perfect boyfriend material is made up of. Tall, handsome and rich. Dan was cute, intelligent and whatever else, but Sunny was a level above him. He was the real deal.

Meeting Dan in real life might make your eyes roll over him. He was a more than average guy and, certainly not the most attractive person in this planet, definitely not to Lily. But yet she felt a strange sense of familiarity and connection at a very deep human level with him. The child inside Lily was awakened by Dan within that small period of time. The child was trapped inside her for long, long years. That child was lonely, as if she wasn’t allowed to come out and see this world. That’s when Lily came to know, even though she had everything from a rich dad to a handsome boyfriend, why her eyes were still sad.

End of Chapter 3.

To be continued..

© Soumyadeb Chakraborty


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